Can Hedgehogs be loyal friends?


In the book “Animal Life” A. Bram writes about the eve: “… slowly and rather sluggishly, the hedgehog, wandering around the ground, constantly sniffs the earth like a bloodhound, and carefully examines everything that comes to his eyes … If the hedgehog hears something suspicious, he immediately stops, sniffs and listens. And you can make sure that out of all the senses in the hedgehog, the sense of smell is the sharpest … Hedgehog easily gets used to captivity, and therefore it is often kept for catching cockroaches and mice … “.

In the garden and its surroundings, at dusk, you can see lonely seedling hedgehogs, and hedgehog families – hedgehogs with little hedgehogs busily heading somewhere together.

Many of my friends, summer residents say that garden hedgehogs are very trusting, quickly get used to people and allow themselves to iron without releasing thorns. After a few contacts hedgehogs are easily tamed, and are not averse to feeding themselves at the expense of a person.

Last summer in the countryside…

The hedgehogs do not neglect almost any food, demonstrating omnivorousness. They love to eat milk, cheese, bread, boiled macaroni, cookies, seeds, nuts, boiled potatoes and rice, and even … dry cat food.

My friend Marta last summer spent a vacation in the country with her cat, the Cat. The Cat saucers with milk, water and dry cat food stood on the open porch.

One evening, Marta saw that a dry fodder was eating a hedgehog from the Cat. The next night the hedgehog no longer came alone, but with the family!

The appearance of the hedgehogs on their territory and their assault on cat food, cat at first was not happy: back and hissed. Marta stroked and calmed the cat, urging her not to get angry, and allocated a separate saucer for feeding the hedgehogs.

hedgehoghedgehogThe Cat quickly got used to hedgehogs and already reacted to their appearance quite peacefully. And the hedgehogs did not pay any attention to the cat – they ate dry feline food near her and drank milk.

When Marta’s vacation was drawing to a close, she “handed over the bread” to feed her hedgehogs to her sister Ana, who also intended to live with her husband on vacation. Marta told Ana that the hedgehogs come to eat on the porch every evening, and left dry food for the hedgehogs feeding.

A week later, on Friday evening, Marta came to rest at the cottage and began to ask relatives about the hedgehogs. They reported that the hedgehogs did not come to them even once, but the portion of the cat’s food left in the saucer disappeared at night; but whoever ate the food is unknown. Ana and her husband even doubted whether Marta would play it out with the hedgehogs?

And here, as in the cinema, a silent scene: Marta’s voice came to the veranda from the hedgehogs, and before the eyes of the amazed Ana, the prickly guests began their evening meal!