What to do if you find a hedgehog in the garden?


Hedgehog in the gardens are often found, especially if the plot is located near the forest or not occupied by the land. In the garden of hedgehogs, hedges and secluded places, abundantly overgrown with dog rose, cortaderia or similar dense vegetation, are especially attracted to housing and nesting devices.

For example, in our garden, hedgehogs like the lush bush of evergreen mahogany carbaceous. In the fencier of the thick-leafed shoots of the hedgehog, it is easy to hide from prying eyes and from the hot sun.

They are not stealing your apples

Behind the hedgehogs there has long been a rumour claiming that these insectivorous, predatory animals carry apples from the garden on their needles. It is possible that such a bad reputation entrenched behind hedgehogs because of the surviving records of Pliny the Elder: “… Hedge gathers for the winter food. He rides on apples fallen to the ground. Collect them on their needles and take one more in their mouths – and carry … “.

In children’s books with pictures, artists often depict a hedgehog, carrying an apple on a prickly back. Probably, therefore, in the minds of many, the erroneous belief that the hedgehogs steal from the garden fallen apples is rooted.

However, biologists claim that the hedgehogs are useless. In any case, I and many other gardeners, on which the hedgehogs live, have never found on the ground spiked with hedgehogs of apples and have never seen a single hedge, scampering with stolen apples on the back or in the mouth.

For the winter of the hedgehog no food is stored; winter urchins do not eat anything – they sleep.

In the manual for the naturalist, I read that “… to a lesser extent hedgehog use plant food …”. But what exactly is eating from our garden plants hedgehogs – personally for me it is still a mystery. I did not notice any damage to the garden plants from the hedgehogs.

But they do help your garden

But the benefit from the presence of hedgehogs in the country, I felt great.

hedgehogIn my garden, even during prolonged rains, there is almost no slime. I believe that this is due to hedgehogs, as well as to toads and frogs, actively breeding in a garden pond.

At the end of 2005, hordes of rodents suddenly appeared on our cottage massif. The multiplying animals destroyed everything in the gardens: they ate the bulbs of tulips and lilies; spoiled root vegetables, vegetables and fallen fruits from trees; gnawed juicy parts from a variety of plants. For example, the seedlings of magnificent two-year-old bells that I had to blossom next year, were destroyed by mice in the winter: rodents liked the large juicy rosettes of young bells, and even their rhizomes!

However, in 2006, I and all my neighbours drew attention to the fact that the mice in our gardens became noticeably smaller; at the same time, many hedgehogs appeared. In the spring of 2007, there was no trace of the mice in our gardens, but the families of hedgehogs were comfortably settled here.